4C 41 4E - Social Distance Fest 2021

See some humans, play some games, have fun

This is to be a small get together with people to do some older style lan party / gaming.  There will be some basic "rules".

  1. Don't make a mess / Clean up after yourself
  2. Do not be rude / keep conversation appropriate for ages present (cursing, etc.).
  3. No smoking / vaping in or on gaming facility property.  (Feel free to use non venue property/your own vehicle)  Host and others may be allergic to the plants/chemicals in this...
  4. Do not use venue to exchange illegal software.
  5. Assets may need connected to a domain server for event.  - This is to ensure assets meet similar levels of security compliance.
  6. Assets may be scanned with facility provided virus scanner to ensure the event is not spent reformatting.
  7. Attendees are limited to the floor event is held on unless Host designates otherwise.
  8. Be Respectful to  the Host and Attendees.  This is supposed to be for fun.

Wifi may be available, but not guaranteed., WAN access may not be available and is dependent upon event necessity, so plan accordingly.

CAT6 cables will be provided... kind of.  You may get to learn to make your own.

Limited computer support maybe provided but is at the attendee/helper's discretion.

Games are negotiable, but depend upon availability to other attendees, so prior coordination is recommended.  "ONLINE ONLY" type games will not be supported unless coordinated prior to event.  Games not limited to computer games.  Board, D&D style, etc. may also be available depending on attendees.


30th - 02nd May 2021

Manassas, VA
United States