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General Questions

Eventula is an automated mapping and searching tool for Events and Subscription Service to deploy your own Event Management System. If you're wanting to Host or Search for a Gaming Event, LAN Event, Airsoft Event, Golf Tournament, Go Karting Open Day, whatever! - we have you covered!

This is a central hub for all your event needs. Whether you are a event organiser or attendee this we have something for you. Event searches, tickets, management all at a central hub!

Hit the search button at the top and enter your postcode. The search results are sorted closest first. It can't be much easier!

Simply Register a account and then register your organization. From there there are 4 ways to get your events onto this site. API, Manual input, Hosted ECO Systems or Self Hosted Eco Systems. Due to the ease and simplicity there really isn't any reason not to... It's free real estate! Free real estate...

Eventula Supports are wide variety of Organization and Event Types. Everything from Golf, to Airsoft, to LAN Parties. If you need a ticket management system we have you covered! If you dont see your Organization/Event Type just contact us @ help@eventula.com telling us what tags you want adding and we will be in touch!
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Just contact us @ help@eventula.com telling us what tags you want adding and we will be in touch!

ECO System Questions

Event & Community Orchestration System is a white label full featured Event Management System. Making the management easy so you can focus on the important things that make your events great!

From Signups to Participants, Events to Tournaments we have you covered.

Incredibly easy to use, jam packed with features, affordable and scalable. The ECO System is designed to stick with you from your humble beginnings as a small 10 Person Event all the way up to the big leagues running 300+ Attendees.

Why shouldn't you? It has everything you need to get started with event management or if you are already an established organization make your life easier and take some of the heavy lifting away. Payments, breakdowns, analytics, everything you need right at your finger tips to make your events better.

Jump on over to the ECO System page to get started! Once you have Subscribed you will be able to deploy your own ECO System.

Please contact us using the details below.

Verified Organizations & Events

This is just a verification step within our system. This is mainly to stop spam and vulgar/offense words being posted. There are 2 ways to get verified;
  • Wait for an Administrator to approve your Organization or Event. This could take anywhere from 1 to 48 Hours.
  • Purchase a subscription to Eventula. Accounts that have a subscription get automatically verified.
If you have a subscription any new events added will not require verification.

Any Organization or Event that is not verified will not be publically viewable and you will not be able to be edited. Similarly, if your Organization is not verified you will not be able to add new events.


If you have any Issues with the site, payment, billing, ECO System please contact us at the following address: help@eventula.com

If you have any Queries please contact us as the following address: help@eventula.com

API & Developers

We have a specific API Structure you will need to implement. Please refer to this document.
            name: "LanOps 26",
            capacity: 48,
            start: "2017-03-10 18:00:00",
            end: "2017-03-12 18:00:00",
            desc: {
                short: "#SeasonPass",
                long: "We love gaming and having fun! We do have a few competitive games, but there is something for everyone! 3 Days of gaming, pizza and prizes. We are boasting more than ever with new games, new maps, and so much more!"
            address: {
                line_1: "North Wingfield",
                line_2: "",
                street: "Whiteleas Avenue",
                city: "Chesterfield",
                postcode: "S42 5PW",
                country: ""
            api: {
                base: "http://staging.lanops.co.uk/api/events/lanops-26",
                tickets: "/tickets",
                participants: "/participants",
                timetables: "/timetables",
                tournaments: "/tournaments"
            url: {
                base: "http://staging.lanops.co.uk/events/lanops-26",
                tickets: "#tickets",
                participants: "#participants",
                timetables: "#timetables",
                tournaments: "#tournaments"

A script will scrape given API Endpoints for events in a specific JSON Structure. This script will then ingest the details into our database. Addiontionally if it is given a endpoint for participants and tickets it will also pull those.

Our results are cached so don't worry about us overheating your router.

Make sure you have selected the API Intergration on the Organizations page and the Events URL End point is correct. The Scraper is updated every 1:00 Hours. If it is still not working make sure you have the correct JSON Structure.